Planned Maintenance Service Program

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Keep your business running optimally at all times with help from Overhead Door Company of Little Rock™’s Planned Maintenance Program. The Planned Maintenance Program will help save money by avoiding costly downtime during emergency repairs. Our Planned Maintenance Program offer keeps your doors and operators operating smoothly all year.

What the Planned Maintenance Program includes:

• Priority Scheduling.
• Planned Maintenance will be scheduled every 2,3, or 6 months.
• The initial trip includes a detailed description of the door and components.
• We will have a list of section types and sizes, springs sizes, and type/brand of operators, so we can bring parts out when needed in the future.
• Number and detail each door for quick and easy follow up.

Planned Maintenance Service Program

• Increase Operational efficiency and reliability of your doors and operators.
• Decrease long term repair expense.
• Decrease costly down time.
• Extend the life of your doors and operators.

Overhead Door Company of Little Rock™’s Planned Maintenance Service Program includes (if applicable):

• Inspect Spring Tension.
• Inspect and lubricate door, hinges, and springs.
• Inspect and tighten screws and bolts.
• Check for proper alignment.
• Inspect the Electric Operator (Chain, gears, and components)
• Check Drum set screws.
• Check cables for wear.
• Inspect Shaft and bearings for wear.
• Provide details and pricing for any issues that require attention.

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